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Ongoing or recent

June 2014--Beginning Android app project(s)
Feb 2013bc125at-perl
Nov 2012update dspr
May 2012 – present: Developer at cPanel, Inc. (Houston, TX)


Mar 2011 – May 2012: Programmer at BookTrolls, LLC (Houston, TX).
Mar 2011 – Apr 2011: Relocating to Texas.
Feb 2011 – Mar 2011: A Java-based bulk data adjustment tool for a specific application (BEAST / .nex files).
Feb 2011 – Mar 2011: A WordPress-based web site for a friend of a friend.
Nov 2010 – Jan 2011: Work on Epiar in collaboration with its main developers. (Corrected: this line previously indicated "Nov 2011 – Jan 2011.")
2010: Perl-based tools for Strander campaign.
ca. 2003 – recent: Various personal projects (e.g. a monopd client in Java, a wiki system in Perl with a variety of unusual features, etc.)


Miscellaneous projects
Older index page(less orderly but has additional content of personal interest)

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