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I did some work on Epiar a couple years ago (Nov-Dec 2010) along with its main developers. My time to work on it disappeared once my life became busier, and unfortunately I lost touch with the developers, though I see they have made a new release. I'd suggest checking it out if you enjoy this type of game.

To summarize, it is a very nifty game which I find reminiscent of Escape Velocity, a Macintosh space trading / adventure game I played when I was a kid. It is written primarily in C++ with a hefty layer of Lua for UI and scripting purposes.


Things I worked on

FreeBSD port

I had intended to maintain the FreeBSD port for Epiar, but then other stuff happened which distracted me. Here is a Makefile you might be able to adapt to use on FreeBSD: Makefile. Just download the Makefile, put it into its own directory somewhere (doesn't have to be within the ports tree), and in that directory do make build (may have to be done as root depending on how you have your ports tree configured), then make run as your own user. Here is the repo: epiar-freebsd-port.

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