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Software development

My main area of interest is software development. I am currently employed as a Perl programmer in the Houston, TX area and am most familiar with and comfortable in a Unix or Linux environment.


My primary focus is Perl, which I believe is pretty much the ideal tool (with certain exceptions) to accomplish almost any task, small or large.

Apart from that, I have some background in C, Java, C++, and a little Lua.

Additional notes

FreeBSD—I have been a FreeBSD user for over seven years and until recently would have felt most at home in a FreeBSD environment. However, my work experience is in a Linux environment.

Perl—I am always enthusiastic about opportunities to take advantage of my perl knowledge. Since a young age, Perl has been my favorite language for a wide variety of tasks, and I am currently employed as a Perl programmer. This site is Perl powered.

Not a web designer—As you might have guessed already, although I am a programmer, I am not a web designer.

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